Our Coverage

Product Development

Creating good products is no longer enough as market competition grows and consumer perceptions change. Entities need technology partners with in-depth domain expertise, backed by streamlined operations and those who are really good in developing customized products or in expanding product development services. 

GRAWW's coverage extends well beyond product development, assisting clients in identifying emerging trends, comprehending consumer needs, and developing products that provide tangible value to their customers.

Technology Solutions

GRAWW's competent and skilled team and consultants from industry and academia have experience in a variety of areas capable of delivering creative and value-engineered solutions.

R&D Consultancy

Design and Analysis

GRAWW aids engineering industries and research organizations in developing next-generation R&D solutions. As R&D consultants, we understand that R&D is a never-ending task, and as collaborators, we can assist your firm in leveraging the next technical breakthrough in research.   Opt our services to find the best R&D partner to transform challenges into research opportunities.

GRAWW offers engineering companies and research organizations design and analysis services as well as consultations. Our highly skilled engineers can run a variety of simulations that closely resemble real-world conditions. We produce reliable results at competitive rates with quick turnaround times through our competitive network of engineers.

Training & Development

The effectiveness of technological knowledge, skills, aptitude and enthusiasm is the utility of any individual's competence. GRAWW provides comprehensive training and development services of international repute for students & employee groups and for external partners through customized training modules based on need analysis.  We ensure that the training programme and practices meet the criteria and expectations of our stakeholders, often through a well-planned training and development curriculum.

Certificate courses

GRAWW alongside reputed training providers offer various online and in-house certificate programs specifically in technology and research methodology areas.  Academic institutions and organizations can customize the subject and the coursework of the certification courses based on their requirements. GRAWW primarily focuses on delivering relevant courses on schedule and within budget. Apart from reducing the skills gaps, through specifically designed courses, we ensure assessment of the technical abilities of learning groups and success of the courses in attaining the end objectives.

Events Support

GRAWW’s events are professionally designed experiences that let you have the insightful perspectives and practical guidance you need to attain exponential development.  GRAWW provides educational and technical organisations with comprehensive event assistance services in the following areas.

  • National & International Conferences

  • Academic Project Presentations /competitions

  • Educational & Technical Symposiums

  • Workshops / Symposiums /Camps

  • Special Education/Training events